The core of TGKO’ is inspired by the work of the late George Kossaifi, whose lifelong commitment and firm belief in the need to promote social and human development, democracy and co-existence, led him to be a dedicated advocate and social scientist for over forty-five years of his life on a national, regional and international level. 

TGKO was founded by the daughters of George Kossaifi, Rana and Leena, after his passing on 23 August 2014, subsequent to his courageous battle with liver cancer, in his hometown Byblos. They had always been inspired by their father’s immense dedication to his resilient work ethics and strong belief in doing good for others that they were naturally inclined to follow in his footsteps and continue his journey.

One of Dr. George Kossaifi's main contribution was an action plan on how to transform Lebanon towards a non-confessional society. 

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We are still a new NGO, fully registered as of November 2016. Our hands are tied with the Equip centre but we definitely are strategically working towards introducing other projects in 2018. 


TGKO's work will design and implement evidence-based development projects that are derived from the community’s needs, using a fully effective and efficient participatory approach for all stakeholders. 

Our focus will be on issues related to, but not limited to, xenophobia, migrant workers rights, workers rights, promoting equality in the labour market, promoting cultural, political, religious, and sexual diversity. 




TGKO's first project Equip, is a social enterprise that aims to improve and professionalize the employment relationship between migrant domestic workers and their employers. For some time now, employment relationships are terminating badly and even abusively, leaving both women at loss, especially the domestic worker. 

Equip therefore is a resourceful centre that offers employers of domestic workers over a dozen needs-based services designed to increase communication, management, vocational and mediation skills between both women.

Once the foundation for a successful relationship is set in stone, then there is less room for frustration, conflict and ultimately abuse- and that is our ultimate goal!